Elizabeth-Anne Wheal


White sugar

Since the horrific death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the country has been talking about race and racism. Or has it? Writer Elizabeth-Anne Wheal on the urgent need for white people to listen...

The Truth About Truth | EA Wheal

As a new survey reveals that fake news travels faster and convinces more people than real news, Elizabeth-Anne Wheal offers a perspective on truth in the age of information warfare.

Abuse and the poison of silence | EA Wheal

Last Friday, in response to the waves of allegations surfacing in the film industry, The Bookseller published the results of an anonymous survey into sexual harassment in the publishing industry...

Elizabeth-Anne Wheal: Talent is Everywhere

As the awards season climaxed on Sunday with the Oscars and the shambles of Envelopegate, the debate about diversity in the creative industries is headlining again.

Elizabeth-Anne Wheal: Women in Jeopardy

Season 3 of BBC 2’s controversial drama The Fall may have concluded last October, but the debate it has catalysed among programme makers, reviewers and audiences shows no sign of...