Educational Writers Group

For writers of materials for learners and teachers

Our Educational Writers Group (EWG) was set up in 1964 to:

  • Protect the interests of educational authors in professional matters, especially contracts, rates of pay, digitalisation and copyright;
  • Keep its members informed about developments in education, curriculum, TEFL, digital media and government policy;
  • Lobby for adequate funding for books in schools, colleges and libraries, and for well-stocked public libraries and professionally-staffed libraries in all educational institutions;
  • Encourage publishers in all media to respect the highest professional standards in educational writing, see our guidelines;
  • Enable educational writers to get together in congenial surroundings.

Members of the SoA who work in the education sector writers automatically join EWG and receive all emailings when they join the SoA.

The EWG is run by an elected committee and a professional secretary from the SoA, Bryony Hall.

We welcome feedback from members about professional issues and we ensure that relevant information is passed on to other EWG members. We also welcome feedback about EWG events and/or suggestions for future meetings. Get in touch.


Educational Writers Group Chair’s Interim Report 2018

Posted: 03 October 2018

Group Stats

There are currently 875 members of the Educational Writers Group. Overall we gained 53 members and lost 44. The SoA’s current total membership is 10618, so EWG represents 8.25%.

EWG activities

The annual EWG seminary day was held on 9 June. Around 35 authors attended the day, which had parallel sessions, six speakers and plenty of opportunities to network. Several more authors joined the sessions via the live audio-stream. Topics included: the importance of textbooks, writing Graded Readers, generating income from online courses and the author-editor relationship. For a full report on the day, including details of the speakers, see committee member Mark Griffiths’ blog.

The EWG quarterly e-newsletter keeps members up to date with the Group’s activities and industry news. In the past year, many of the Group’s members have provided blogs on topics which are of particular interest to those working in this sector, and the regular interview slot has allowed members to gain an appreciation for the wider community of educational writers. If you would like to contribute to a future newsletter, please contact Bryony Hall.

The Group has a dedicated, private discussion page on Facebook, open only to those who are currently members of the SoA. To join, please click here.

Editorial Best Practice Award

The EWG award for Editorial Best Practice was launched this month. This new award allows members to publicly recognise those editors who have shown excellence in the way in which they have collaborated with their authors. For full details of the award, including how to nominate your editor, see here

Awards for Educational Writing

The shortlist for the 2018 ALCS Award for Educational Writing will be released in mid-November, with the winner to be announced at a ceremony at the House of Commons on 4 December. This award, now in its eleventh year, honours a work of traditionally published non-fiction that enhances learning.

This year, the prize of £2,000 will be awarded for an outstanding example of traditionally published non-fiction that enhances teaching and learning for the 11-18 age group. The 2018 judges are teacher Philip Arkinstall, writer Elspeth Graham, and school librarian Océane Toffoli.

We are grateful to the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society for their generous sponsorship.


Many thanks to all our committee members: Sarah Ackroyd, Chris Barker, Peter Clarke, Ignaty Dyakov, Terry Freedman, Mark Griffiths and Julie Pratten.

There will be three vacancies for the committee from next June. If you are interested in standing, please contact Bryony Hall for further information.


Anne Rooney, Chair of EWG

October 2018

Spring Seminar 2016

Posted: 17 February 2017

Watch our 2016 Spring Seminar below: