Educational Writers Group

For writers of materials for learners and teachers

Our Educational Writers Group (EWG) was set up in 1964 to:

  • Protect the interests of educational authors in professional matters, especially contracts, rates of pay, digitalisation and copyright;
  • Keep its members informed about developments in education, curriculum, TEFL, digital media and government policy;
  • Lobby for adequate funding for books in schools, colleges and libraries, and for well-stocked public libraries and professionally-staffed libraries in all educational institutions;
  • Encourage publishers in all media to respect the highest professional standards in educational writing, see our guidelines;
  • Enable educational writers to get together in congenial surroundings.

Members of the SoA who work in the education sector automatically join the Group and receive all emailings when they join the SoA. The Group is run by an elected committee and coordinated by Livonia Okello and Natalie Thorpe.

We welcome feedback from members about professional issues and we ensure that relevant information is passed on to other Group members. We also welcome feedback about Group events and/or suggestions for future meetings. Get in touch.


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