A tale of two New Years' Resolutions

Barbara Henderson discusses her journey to becoming an author and the two New Years' resolutions that helped her along the way.

The low-cost time machine: a Belarusian dystopia

Andrei Khadanovich writes from Belarus, translated from Belarusian by Valzhyna Mort

Draw your own Christmas card with Tita Berredo

Christmas is coming and now is the time to write cards for all the people we love. Now, instead of browsing through a thousand cards in stores, why not make it more personal?

Before You Sign | Prizes and Competitions

We asked the advisors what you should look out for when entering prizes and competitions.

Why do agents come in threes?

I recall meeting a well-known author who told me that he was happily signed-up with his third agent. When I expressed surprise that he had moved agents, he said that he had been told by a fellow...

Off season: Writing, self-doubt and doing enough

Paula Brackston reflects on the changing season and how writers can leave an impact – however small.

A day in the life of... Ruby Chopra

Meet Ruby Chopra – the SoA’s Senior Membership Administrator and administrator behind our Authors with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses Network.

Writing In Fifeish

Society of Authors in Scotland member, Moira McPartlin talks about writing in dialect.

What do you do, exactly?

Author and Penguin Press publicist Pen Vogler advises on how to get the best from your publicist.

On the Trail of the Lost Shepherd

Merryn Glover, former co-Chair of the Society of Authors in Scotland, speaks of her shepherding experiences, whilst researching for her new novel 'Of Stone and Sky'.

Being heard, being seen

Amina Jama calls for safe and inclusive creative spaces.

Golf and writing: where’s the common ground?

Mac Logan, Chair of the Society of Authors in Scotland, compares the shared skills between a golfer and a writer.

What a time to launch a debut novel

Kerry Buchanan on launching a first novel during a pandemic and lockdown.

Indexers: What do you need to know?

Indexer Paula Clarke Bain makes the case for her profession, and describes how authors can work with indexers to get the best results.

The Society of Authors in Scotland Spring Social

Tita Berredo, a Scottish-based Brazilian children's writer and illustrator, discusses her welcoming experience at this years' SoAiS Spring Social event.

Speaking the language of grant applications

Isabel Thomas introduces her 'So what? Who cares? Why you?' approach to applying for funding to support creative work

Writers on the Edge

The last flight home (inevitably diverted or delayed). The twelve hour long ferry journey (inevitably stormy). The long and winding road (inevitably clouded by fog)…

How to create an accessible writing group

How to ensure your writing group is welcoming, accessible and supportive for all types of writers with disabilities and chronic illnessess.

Surviving the pandemic: Side hustle ideas for authors

Candy Gourlay offers advice on how authors can diversify income streams during the pandemic.

The (awareness of) uncertainty pandemic

Author and physician Anthony Kessel on uncertainty and coping in the time of Covid