P.D. James Memorial Fund

The P D James Memorial Fund offers regular payments to a small number of SoA members who find themselves in financial hardship. We are accepting applications until 31 October 2021.
Awards are given by a committee to long-term SoA members who are either aged 60 or over or are completely incapacitated for work. To be eligible, you must have been an SoA Member for at least 10 years (this does not need to have been continuous).

The fund currently distributes £2,200 per annum to each recipient.

Awards are granted at the discretion of the P.D. James Memorial Fund Committee (formerly the Pension Fund Committee). The Committee consists of the Chair of the Management Committee and six other members, three elected by the Management Committee and three by the members of the SoA.
It might be helpful to know that the Committee must consider ‘not only the necessities of the applicant, but also the merit of his or her work; and other matters being equal, long and continuous membership of the Society shall be considered a recommendation’.

It is possible for two members to present an application on behalf of another member if appropriate.
To apply, please complete and return the application form (download here) including a covering letter in one complete document (Word or PDF preferred) to Sarah Baxter (sbaxter@societyofauthors.org).

If you have any queries, contact Sarah Baxter in confidence on sbaxter@societyofauthors.org / 020 7373 6642.

Photo: P.D. JamesCharity number 212401