Grants for works in progress

We are one of the few organisations to make grants to writers for works in progress, currently awarding over £360,000 each year.

The Authors’ Foundation and K Blundell Trust award grants twice yearly to writers whose project is for a British publisher. Our grants assist with research costs or give authors valuable time to complete work.

Our annual deadlines for applications are 1 April and 1 September. Applications should be made by email.

Applicants to the April deadline will be notified of the assessors decisions by the end of August 2019.

Applicants to the September deadine will be notified of the assessors decisions in December 2019.

Please note, we are unable to accept self-published authors as grants cannot be awarded to help towards the costs of publication.

Grants cannot be made for education or unspecified research costs. For all enquiries please contact

Please make sure you indicate if you write under a pen name and give your legal name as well in all correspondance. 

The Authors' Foundation

The Authors’ Foundation was set up from donations by authors in 1984 and gives grants of up to £6,000 to authors who are currently working on a project and are previously published by, or currently under contract with, a UK publisher.

Authors' Foundation application details

All applicants will also be considered automatically for specific grants offering funding for writing in the fields of biography about women, the environment and natural history, philanthropy, poetry, racial understanding, Scandinavia, science fiction, fantasy and magical realism (open to adult and children’s writers), spy thrillers and crime.

Charity number 326605/ Arthur Welton 282446

The K Blundell Trust

The K Blundell Trust gives grants of up to £6,000 to British authors under the age of 40 whose work aims to increase social awareness. The project can be fiction or non-fiction.

K Blundell Trust application details


Charity number 296487