Children's Writers and Illustrators Group

Our Children’s Writers and Illustrators Group (CWIG) is a professional community of writers and illustrators who create content for the children’s publishing market.

We campaign as a group on issues of specific relevance to us, as well as raising the profile of children's books more generally. 

An elected committee directs the work of the group, with day-to-day administration dealt with by the Group Coordinators Sarah Burton and Teddy McDonald. Please see the Group committee page for details and deadlines for upcoming vacancies.

Benefits of joining CWIG include:

  • Regular Group events give members plenty of opportunity to socialise with peers and network with industry professionals such as publishers, librarians, booksellers, reviewers and many distinguished writers and illustrators.
  • Every Group member can give up to three Reading for Pleasure Awards a year to hard-working and imaginative schools for their promotion of reading for pleasure.
  • Group members will automatically receive newsletters and event details. You can also join our private CWIG Facebook Discussion Group – a lively discussion forum on professional matters. But remember, you can receive immediate or specialist professional advice from our advisory service.
  • The Society of Authors has close links with a number of companies and trade bodies where we discuss and lobby for better terms - including (but not limited to)  Amazon, Association of Illustrators, Authors Licensing and Collecting Society, Design and Artists Copyright Society, Public Lending Right, Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators British Isles, The Publishers Association and many more.

If you are thinking of joining, take advantage of our offer code – CWIG20 – giving you 20% off a full first year's subscription when you first join or re-join the Society. This offer does not apply to renewals or to other discounted rates such as our student, youth or concessionary categories. Please use and the code to claim. 

For more information on giving a CWIG Reading for Pleasure Award and resources on social media for authors, including online disputes and SoA intervention, read our posts on the Noticeboard below.

For all inquiries, please email


Lucy Coats - 10 tips to cope with the Covid-19 Crisis

Posted: 01 July 2020

'Lockdown is not conducive to creativity, and I know many of our fellow writers, illustrators and other creative colleagues are struggling with their mental health at this time. I am too. I’ve suffered from chronic depression and anxiety all my life, and this situation we are all in isn’t helping, what with the financial uncertainty, the news bombarding us with scary information every ten minutes, and all the other worries about our livelihoods and our futures too. So here are ten coping tips I use regularly.' Keep reading...

If you are in need of financial support do look at our Emergency Authors' Fund and our other grants. You can also apply to the Arts Council England, Wales, Creative Scotland or Northern Ireland if you need support.

Reading for Pleasure Award

Posted: 11 December 2019

CWIG Reading for Pleasure Award

Loved a recent school visit? We are now taking your 2020/21 commendations!

Any CWIG member can give up to three awards each year to any UK or international educational establishment (for under 18s) that shows excellence. Members must have visited (either physically or online) over the eligibility period September 2020-July 2021. There is no limitation on the number of awards one school can receive.

The deadline is 13 August 2021 (but there is an additional extension of four months for those authors whose appointments fall in the summer term).

There is no financial award – schools will receive a signed certificate from SoA President Philip Pullman (English and Welsh where applicable), window transfers, and a letter of commendation.

Pictured left: School pupils and librarian with author Kevin Brooke on a school visit.

Check out our awards archive here. And remember, if a school is working hard to encourage reading for pleasure – whether nursery, primary, secondary, public, special or international – reward them!

 Read more here

Authors & Social Media

Posted: 11 December 2019

We have a lively CWIG Facebook Discussion Group which, as it is a private group, you have to apply to join via it's Facebook page.

Please remember that you are not simply expressing opinions to friends on social media – you are publishing (whether original posts or retweeting others) to a wide audience. What you may see as activism could be deemed to be harassment. Your posts libellous or defamatory.

As an organisation we celebrate the right of freedom of expression and are against censorship. There will be times when members disagree and we urge that views ought to be debated with respect. On all SoA platforms individuals (whether members or not) are expected to abide by these rules. As such we co-wrote and are signatory to the Professional Behaviour in Bookselling and Publishing alongside the PA, BA and AAA and we have our own Dignity and Respect Guidelines that we expect our members to adhere to when attending SoA meetings, socials and events or posting on our social media platforms.

Society of Authors staff are your professional representatives. We cannot intervene in disputes of opinion between authors, but will always endeavour to give an unbiased view of any professional business matter.

The following resources are available if you are currently affected by any matter or would appreciate further guidance: Libel and defamation – we have a Quick Guide available for free to members. Please email the office for a copy; Keren David’s blog of the CWIG conference 2019 ‘So You’ve been Shamed’ event and publicist Fritha Lindqvist’s take-homes; lawyer David Hooper on Handling the Trolls.

CWIG Newsletter

Posted: 14 October 2019

Want to get the bi-monthly CWIG newsletter?

February's issue is here and features: Dawn Finch on our new terms and conditions for school visits; Jill Coleman on Booktrust; and Lionel Bender on working with children's book packagers.

May's issue is here and features: Dawn Finch on the All Party Writers Group and their report on supporting writers through Covid; Miranda McKearney on Empathy Day; and Joyce Dunbar on touring Holland. 

The next newsletter will go out in July - contact Jo McCrum if you would like to subscribe or would like to share your news.

CWIG diary dates

Posted: 14 October 2019

Events with Jamila Gavin, SF Said, Alex Wheatle and Samantha Williams will be held this July and we return in September with a celebration week (20-24 September) featuring Steve Antony, A M Dassu, Juno Dawson, Dawn Finch,  Liz Kessler, Alex Wheatle, Dame Jacqueline Wilson and many more! 

Please contact Jo McCrum if you would like to offer an event for 2021/2 or have any ideas/topics that you would like the Children's Writers and Illustrators Group (CWIG) to address.

All scheduled events are listed on the events page - search with the 'CWIG' tag to identify them.

Please be aware that we only send email flyers for our group events – do remember to let us know if your email address changes. 



Posted: 14 October 2019

2020 AGM 

The 2020 AGM was postponed and held on 6 February 2021. Read the 2020 AGM report.

CWIG committee.

Applications for the 2022 CWIG committee vacancies should be sent to Jo McCrum by 1 June 2021. Nominations should include a high quality colour head-shot, a 150-word biography, a short statement of intent and the written support of three CWIG members.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any queries – we are happy to discuss the role and responsibilities before you apply.