Society of Authors in Wales

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The SoA in Wales (SoAiW) is a regional group of the Society of Authors, established in 2018 with the intention of representing and supporting Welsh writers at all stages of their career – whether they write in English or Welsh – both professionally and by providing networking opportunities.

It's free to join and Welsh residents are automatically added to the group when joining the SoA. If you're an SoA member and not yet a part of SoAiW, get in touch with the group secretary Jo McCrum (we appreciate some Welsh towns have English postcodes or you may be expatriate) or if you have ideas for an event, want to address an issue, or would like a meeting in your town.

What are the benefits of joining?

Find your community

The SoAiW organises a varied and busy schedule of professional events and socials across the year via a volunteer steering committee and regional hosts. You can keep in touch with authors near you, find out what’s happening in your area and be a part of your local arts community.


Specific Welsh benefits include: 20% off a subscription to New Welsh Review  and Poetry Wales; 20% off accommodation at The Gladstone Library. Log into the SoA membership 'Benefits' section to gain the codes.

Stay in touch

A quarterly newsletter is automatically sent to subscribers (read the last by clicking here) and members can opt to join the private Facebook group where members can share information about their news, publishing matters, events and post queries about their work and publishing practice. We also have a Welsh Twitter list which you can also see on the right. Contact us with your twitter handle to be included.

Want to join?

If you are thinking of joining the Society of Authors, take advantage of our Welsh offer code – WALES1512 – giving you an extra three months of membership on top of the yearly membership subscription and full access to SoA services and benefits. Croeso!


Upcoming events

Posted: 25 November 2019

SoAiW volunteers host a number of community socials with regular events taking place in Aberystwyth (quarterly) and Monmouth (monthly). Please email the group secretary Jo McCrum if you are interested in organising a virtual or physical one-off or regular meet. 

Aberystwyth Meet I Zoom I 5.30-7.30pm

A Zoom meeting will take place on Tuesday 11 August. Ordinarily events take place on an ad-hoc rolling quarterly basis at the Arts Centre on Penglais Campus. Non-SoA member guests welcome.
To find out more and to RSVP, contact Dr Brenda Davies. Notes from the first meeting of the year can be read here.

Monmouth Meet I Zoom I 3-5pm

Meets generally take place every first Friday of the month. Physical meetings are currently suspended and September (Gill Vaisey on crowdfunding), October and November (Broo Doherty, DHH Literary Agency)  meetings are taking place on Zoom. See the events listings for full details and to register. 
To find out more about the group or to suggest speakers contact Margaret Iggulden.