Pictures Mean Business

Sarah McIntyre leads a campaign to ensure illustrators are properly credited for their work.


Translators and illustrators are fighting side by side because of the way our work plays a vital role in a reader's experience of a book. We usually work freelance and like any business, our names become our brands, what people come to respect and look out for. But they can only do this if they know our names. We want to see our names included in award lists, on book covers, in digital book data, in the media, anywhere people are writing or talking about our books.

Sarah McIntyre

Issues such as faulty or incomplete book data can cause the names of illustrators to disappear from the public eye, having a serious effect on the careers of those affected. The SoA fully supports the initiative. Our Chief Executive, Nicola Solomon, has spoken to publishers to help identify areas for improvement.

You can follow the campaign using the #PicturesMeanBusiness hashtag on Twitter, and by following Sarah McIntyre.