SoA increases fees for event speakers

The Society of Authors’ Management Committee has agreed to increase fees again for event speakers and panellists.

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At the SoA we believe everyone deserves to be paid financially for their work, and this includes being paid for events and appearances.

Our events are a vital part of what we do. They provide authors with invaluable connection, practical skills, community and outreach. These events are only made possible with our brilliantly talented and knowledgeable speakers and workshop presenters.

As of today, 1 April 2022, Professional Development workshop presenters will now be paid a fee of £250. Fees have also increased to £100 for panellists and £135 for event chairs. The full list of updated speaker fees is now on our Guidance of rates and fees page. 

Our speaker fees increase coincides with more cost of living increases so we hope that this can help our talented speakers in a small way.

Sophia A Jackson, Head of Events at the Society of Authors


Too often creators are expected to be paid in ‘exposure’ or ‘experience’ instead of financial payment.

We are a member of the Creator’s Rights Alliance (CRA) #PayTheCreator campaign, which brings together the campaigning work of member organisations to collectively call for creators of all types to be paid properly for the work they do, and the rights they grant, and to be given the same considerations enjoyed by other workers in the areas of pay, business support and policy making.

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