A call to action for authors in the health crisis

22 December 2021

The fifth round of our Authors in the Health Crisis survey is now open.

Illustration © Antonio Rodriguez

We are again asking for your help to press the case for financial support for authors and freelance creative professionals, as well as for better educational materials, public libraries and our Authors Contingency Fund. 

Following four previous instalments in the Spring, Summer and Autumn of 2020 and Spring 2021, this ‘2021 in review’ survey will provide a snapshot of the ongoing impact on your income, your work, and your wellbeing, compared with 2019 and 2020.

Taking part will help us to build the evidence base we need to make a credible case to politicians and policymakers.

Please spare 5 minutes to tell us how your work, your income and your wellbeing has been affected – and share with your author networks.

Take the survey

How your responses help

Last year, we published our Six-Point Plan for Authors – an evidenced set of policy calls for Government, which included more support for self-employed creative professionals, ahead of the Comprehensive Spending Review.

This was only possible because of over 2,100 responses we received to the three rounds of the Authors in the Health Crisis survey in 2020. We need your continued support to keep that evidence base up to date as we continue to lobby Government and industry.

Author resources

With the rapidly changing nature of the coronavirus outbreak, information and advice from Government is constantly being updated. You can find the current Government advice at www.gov.uk/coronavirus.

You can find specific author resources on funding, professional guidance, wellbeing information and more on our dedicated page.

Looking for financial help? Apply for a small grant from our Authors' Contingency Fund. And, if you are able to do so, help us keep the Fund going by fundraising, donating or shopping online as you normally do. Here are three ways to help.