#BlackLivesMatter - a statement of support

9 June 2020

A statement of support for Black authors and members of the Black community, from the SoA staff and Management Committee

Racism has no place in a fair and inclusive society.

Nor does the silence that perpetuates it.

The Society of Authors stands with Black writers, illustrators, journalists, poets and translators, and all members of the Black community.

We understand the urgent need to end prejudice and remove barriers. Everyone in publishing and the creative industries must play a part in that.

We denounce efforts to stifle free speech and peaceful protest. We condemn the mistreatment of journalists as they work to tell stories of injustice.

We call on each of the governing bodies of the UK to tackle racism in all its forms, to protect press freedoms and the right to protest, and to speak out against any government that denies its citizens those rights.

The Society of Authors will always support you, the author community, to do what you do so well. To reflect. Bear witness. And hold power to account.


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