Management Committee 2016 Nominations

15 March 2016

We warmly invite you to stand for election for the Management Committee, or to nominate a fellow Member to stand.

Former Committee member, Sarah Waters, said of her MC experience:

Membership of the Management Committee is serious, but it is not solemn or daunting. Everyone is there for the same reason: because they care about authors' rights and want to do all they can to protect and consolidate them. This creates a wonderfully supportive atmosphere, a genuine team feeling. My term on the Committee has been hugely rewarding. Read more

Nominations must be received by 28 June and successful candidates will commence their term in November 2016.

About the Management Committee

The Management Committee is responsible for leading and governing the SoA. It works as a team to make decisions, and has ultimate responsibility for the SoA. It takes all major policy and strategy decisions, while the administration of the SoA and the day-to-day running of the office lie with the Chief Executive, Nicola Solomon, and the staff.

The 12 members serve a term of three years and are unpaid volunteers (expenses reimbursed). You can read more about the structure and duties of the MC here and read about the current MC here.

There will be four vacancies on the Management Committee from the AGM in November. Leaving the Committee will be Nicola Beauman, Nell Leyshon, Andrew Lycett, and Charles Palliser. Remaining members will be Eric Clark, Daniel Hahn, David Donachie, Peter Groves, Lucinda Hawksley, Alex Klaushofer and Janet Laurence.

How to stand

If you want to stand, please apply in writing by 28 June, providing supporting letters signed by two Members of the SoA. You may submit an election statement (of up to 500 words), with a photograph if you wish. The statements will be posted on this website. Candidates must have been Members (not Associates) of the SoA for at least three months. If you have previously served on the Management Committee for two consecutive terms, you may not stand again unless a period of one year has elapsed. Read more about eligibility for candidacy and how to nominate a Member here.

If the number of candidates received exceeds the number of places to be filled, a postal ballot will be held in the summer and the ballot papers and election statements of all candidates will be sent out with the summer edition of The Author.

Successful candidates will commence their term from after the AGM in November 2016.
If you have any questions, please contact the Chief Executive, Nicola Solomon, or the Chair of the Management Committee, David Donachie.