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Alison Moore, 2013 McKitterick Prize winner

The McKitterick Prize

Tom McKitterick, the former editor of Political Quarterly and author of an unpublished novel, endowed the McKitterick Prize which was first awarded in 1990. It is given annually to an author over the age of 40 for a first novel, published or unpublished. 

  • The annual deadline for entries is 31 October
  • Entry for The McKitterck Prize 2014 has now closed. Details of the 2015 Prize will be posted in due course.

The 2013 Prize

Alison Moore received £4,000 for The Lighthouse (Salt).

Runner-up: Caroline Brothers for Hinterland (Bloomsbury).

Judges: Paul Bailey, Mavis Cheek and Roma Tearne.


Pictured left to right: Alison Moore and Caroline Brothers.


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