New prize for debut novelists over 60

1 August 2018

The SoA has today announced the opening of the new Paul Torday Memorial Prize for Debut Novelists over 60. The prize is open for entries from today until 15 November 2018.

British writer Paul Torday (1946-2013) published his first novel Salmon Fishing in the Yemen aged 60. The Torday family have set up the new prize in his honour to celebrate first novels by authors aged 60 or over.

"My brother Nick and I founded this prize in memory of our late father Paul, who found literary success late in life with his debut Salmon Fishing in the Yemen at the age of 60. Our message to the industry and the public with this prize is very simple and twofold: it truly is never too late to follow your dream, and we passionately believe that writing could be a wonderful second career for many more with a life of well-lived experience to call upon."

Piers Torday

The winner will receive £1,000 plus a set of Paul Torday's collected works. Runners-up will receive one specially-selected Paul Torday novel with a commemorative book plate.

The Paul Torday Prize joins 8 existing awards administered by the SoA and will first be awarded at the 2019 Authors' Awards. This year we awarded £98,000 to 31 writers of poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

The prize is indebted to W & N Fiction for providing the books.

Entries are open from 1 August 2018. The deadline for entry is 15 November 2018. Find out more and submit.


Moshe Elias (24/10/2018 06:45)
" I wish to enter my novel The Messiahs of Princep Street. The story is set in Singapore in the middle third of the last century. It was self-published in the UK and I wonder if self-published novels are accepted under your rules.

Grateful for your response

moshe elias"
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