EWG introduces new Editorial Best Practice Award

The Society of Authors’ Educational Writers Group (EWG) is delighted to introduce the Editorial Best Practice Award, celebrating editors who have demonstrated excellence in their working relationship with authors.

Lucy Cooper (pictured right), Commissioning Editor from Collins Learning, is the first to be nominated for an Editorial Best Practice Award by author and EWG member Libby Mitchell, who worked alongside Lucy while producing the Collins IGCSE Spanish Student’s Book (March 2019).

Lucy was commended for her open, flexible and supportive approach, and her clear and efficient communication throughout the project, from editorial support through to publication.

On being nominated for the award, Lucy said:

“It’s a lovely surprise and a great honour to be the recipient of this award. A constructive and collaborative relationship between authors and editors is fundamental to all publishing and I’m delighted that this award has been introduced to recognise this specifically in the area of educational publishing. All successful projects are a result of strong team work and I have particularly valued and enjoyed working with the authors and series editor as we’ve developed this Collins IGCSE course.”

Why does the award exist?

The author-editor relationship is fundamental to a work’s success – and no more so than in educational writing, where so much depends on clear briefs, workable schedules and constructive feedback.

The aim of the Editorial Best Practice Award is to celebrate the exceptional work done by editors within educational publishing. EWG members are encouraged to nominate an editor who they feel deserves recognition, particularly in the following areas:

  • Excellent communication, especially around specifications and schedules
  • Constructive and thoughtful feedback
  • Prompt attention to any issues that arise throughout the publication process.

The Award will follow in the same vein as our current Reading For Pleasure Award set up by the SoA’s Children’s Writers and Illustrators Group (CWIG) to celebrate schools dedicated to promoting a love of reading.

Find out more about the Editorial Best Practice Award and how to nominate. Nominations are currently open from EWG members only.

Anne Rooney, Chair of the Educational Writes Group, said:

“All authors hope for a skilled editor who smooths the process of publication and brings out the best in our work. Working with an excellent editor can transform the publishing experience. The Educational Writers Group have introduced this award to show how much we value fruitful, mutually respectful relationships with outstanding editors.”