CWIG Reading for Pleasure Award

"When I visit a school I can tell if they have a great librarian long before I walk into the library. You can feel it in the enthusiasm the young people have for reading, see it on the walls in posters and certificates, and you can sense the buzz leaking out from that magical space."

Dawn Finch

Reading is the core skill that opens up all aspects of education and we believe that reading for pleasure is the best way to build reading skills.

Every term day, children’s authors visit schools up and down the country. Sometimes we are so inspired by the work a particular school is doing that we want to give them a pat on the back and let them know our appreciation.

The Society's Children's Writers and Illustrator's Group decided upon a simple way for members to express their joy when we come across schools and individuals who are a little bit special, and who are dedicated to promoting a love of reading.

The award, which is given immediately after authors send details, comes with window transfers, a letter and a certificate (English and Welsh - where applicable) to put in the reception or the library, to let everyone know that all the hard work and dedication of the school did not go unnoticed.