Authors have a right to be recognised for the work they produce. The SoA is campaigning for fair credits in all cases. 

An author's name is their brand. Cover credits, inclusion in listings and reference in reviews are important forms of recognition that help them build their careers. 

Crediting contributors of all kinds is an aspect of our C.R.E.A.T.O.R. campaign for fair contracts. The O stands for ownership; ‘authors, including illustrators and translators, should be appropriately credited for all uses of their work and moral rights should be unwaivable’.

But the need to recognise contributions goes above and beyond contractual arrangements and commentators have a duty to ensure they lead the way in celebrating and rewarding all those who contribute to the literature we enjoy.

The importance of proper credit for translators and illustrators, as well as for authors, can’t be stressed too strongly. Without the work of those whose skill and sensitivity to language and its meanings makes it possible for English readers to enjoy the work of writers such as Orhan Pamuk, Elena Ferrante, Patrick Modiano and many others, we would be much the poorer. It’s essential that this work is recognised and properly credited by publishers, reviewers, and the media generally.

Philip Pullman, SoA President


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