The SoA works at UK, EU and international levels to protect and promote a strong copyright regime.

Copyright is founded on the principle that authors own the right to their intellectual creations and should have the right to authorise others to use their work or not, as they choose.

Authors make a living from exploiting their intellectual creations through the medium of copyright licensing.

Authors also have the moral right to be identified as the author whenever their work is used and to object to derogatory treatment of their work.

Copyright law and licensing is therefore essential to individual authors and the publishing and creative industries as a whole.

We believe that current copyright law is sufficiently flexible and any proposed changes must be fully considered as to the impact they may have on creators.

The SoA is in constant communication with the EU, UK Government and the Intellectual Property Office as well as other interested bodies to ensure that authors’ views are heard and taken into account. We also sit on representative bodies including the British Copyright Council, the European Writers’ Council and the International Authors Forum.

We lobby Government to ensure discussions regarding UK membership of the EU do not detract from the lobbying and participation necessary in the current EU discussion on copyright and the Digital Single Market.

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Copyright education

Knowledge of copyright, its value and how to exploit and protect it is vital for every citizen - particularly in a digital age when all are creators.