WHSmith seeking authors to hold local events

12 February 2019

WHSmith is on the lookout for authors in 2019 to hold local event signings in its stores across the UK.

The scheme is looking for authors from a wide range of genres – from the history of the local cricket club all the way through to fiction and children’s books. WHSmith is hoping the scheme will introduce local authors to new readers in their area – or even further afield.

Alastair Aldous, Books Director at WHSmith, says:

We have a wealth of great authors in the UK, with a wealth of great books, covering all genres. A lot of these great authors struggle to get their books ranged by the big book chains due to limited space. At WHSmith, we have decided to change this approach.

As of 2019, I will be launching a new scheme at WHSmith, which allows authors to be able to hold local signing events in our stores, where they can talk to our customers and hand sell their books, irrespective to whether we centrally range these books or not. These can cover a raft of genres – from collections of old photographs of your town, the history of the local cricket club through to fiction and kids' books. Events in our stores are important to WHSmith.

To find out more about the scheme and how you can organise a signing in your local WHSmith, email Sharon Taylor at Sharon.Taylor@whsmith.co.uk.

EDIT 2/21/2019: If you're having issues with the above email, please try eventsteam@whsmith.co.uk as an alternative.


Pedro (14/06/2019 10:24)
" I have tried to contact events team and no reply from them. I then asked Customer Services to help and they responded by saying they would pass my request on.
One month later and no response.
It does make you wonder why WH Smith are bothering to seek authors. It doesn't make you wonder why they have recently been voted the worst high street retailer as it obviously spills over to other areas.
Unfortunately I suggest this is a complete waste of time for most of us."
catherine routley (18/05/2019 05:41)
" I have a signing event at your Uxbridge branch, the book is Auditory Processing in the Classroom, a topic which is becoming very high profile in the education sphere. It is published by Austin Macauley and I would welcome a book signing in another of your branches. Please let me know should you require any further information."
Suzanne Lambert (10/05/2019 09:30)
" Wonderful idea and was so excited and enthusiastic about this as WHSmith took all my titles. Unfortunately neither of the stores came back to me and one said to me after I rang for the third time that the manager was a busy person. I felt as though I was being a nuisance. The other store haven’t come back to me. Such a shame it would have meant so much to me to be a part of this. I’m disinclined to try another store. Very disheartening."
Tracy Holroyd (15/04/2019 10:25)
" I have tried to contact WHSmith on the eventstream email twice now, but have twice received the message "Mail Delivery Failure". Should any WHSmith in the Greater Manchester and Lancashire areas wish to contact me re an event, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Thank you."
Jess Smith (04/03/2019 07:32)
" My books about Scottish Travelling life have been around since first book Jessie's Journey was no 1 best seller(Scottish Biography) in 2003. I usually promote my books wherever I can, wish I had a dozen legs and a set of wings. I surely would appreciate a wee help"
Eddie Skelson (04/03/2019 04:45)
" Local author of a number of novels and novellas and would be delighted to sign at Hanley WH Smith.

I've a strong local following and good relations with our local newspaper.

Newest novel (Fantasy/Humour) released just a month ago."
Ann Drayton (03/03/2019 09:26)
" I would love to showcase my new paranormal romance novel (partly set in East London) at a local East End store."
Anne Goodwin (02/03/2019 08:44)
" I think there are several email address that work. I've had a reply from Sharon Taylor via BooksAdmin@Whsmith.co.uk"
Mary English (20/02/2019 07:40)
" HIya, for those that have emailed here is the correct info from twitter:

Follow Follow @WHSmith
CALLING ALL AUTHORS!! Have you recently published a book and would now like to showcase how amazing it is? Then you could be holding a book signing in your local WHSmith stores! Contact eventsteam@whsmith.co.uk for further information."
Jenny Cooke (19/02/2019 03:49)
" What an inspirational idea from WH Smith. I'd love to be involved and live in the Macclesfield/ Stockport area. As I explained in my email I am a member of a group of 4 traditionally published writers called Writers at the Edge. We do local signings and have done a few local evenings giving readings for people. Our work covers: poetry, memoir, autobiography, biography, children's stories and magazine articles."
A curtis (19/02/2019 12:47)
" Sent two emails now and not heard a peep from Sharon Taylor"
David Hunter (19/02/2019 11:21)
" I think this is an excellent scheme. Are there plans to have signing days in the Midlands, Nottingham and Derby for example?"
Rasheda Ashanti Malcolm (18/02/2019 12:48)
" I sent off my interest last week, I'm still to hear from Sharon Taylor."
Patricia Volante (17/02/2019 04:07)
" Would W.H Smith in Southend on Sea be interested in a talk about my book published March 2018
'Rossi's: The story of Southend's Favourite Icecream'
Local history."
Margaret Bennett (17/02/2019 11:58)
" i'm a member of the Society of Authors and have received information about WH Smith book-signings.

is this the correct email address:


Colin Johnson (15/02/2019 06:19)
" great initiative! well done, i'm looking forward to seeing these events in local stores.
Would your Lymington branch take a signing/launch of a Community-driven, self-published anthology of short fiction? i got knocked back by Waterstones across the street when I suggested it to them."
Julie Anderson (15/02/2019 04:36)
" I have responded here because the e-mail address given for Sharon Taylor is incorrect or has been changed."
Julie Anderson (15/02/2019 04:31)
" I would like to do signings for my books, two historical novels - 'Reconquista' and 'The Silver Rings' - or my collection of linked short stories - 'The Village: A Year in Twelve Tales' at any London W.H.Smith store. Happy to bring music and cake with me!"
Julie Ratcliffe (15/02/2019 03:20)
" I have tried to send an email to Sharon Taylor, but it's been returned saying domain missing or malformed. Could this be checked please?"
John James (15/02/2019 12:45)
" I would like to hold a book signing for my book, From The Darkness, at Leominster, Hereford and Worcester stores please."

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