Samantha Collett, Woodrow Phoenix, Katharine Quarmby and Hugh Roberts elected to the Management Committee

16 July 2018

Back in March members were invited to stand (or propose fellow members to stand) for election to the Management Committee to fill the four vacancies, which will arise after the AGM in November when Eric Clark, Daniel Hahn, Alex Klaushofer and Janet Laurence complete their three-year terms.

Current Chair of the Management Committee, David Donachie, said:

‘While it is always a regret to say goodbye to present colleagues, the Management Committee is annually strengthened by new blood. The four members who are due to join us in January are, by their candidate statements, people who will bring some unique skills to the table. I'm looking forward to working with them in the coming years to further the aims of the Society.’

Four candidates were proposed by members, and are duly elected to join the Committee in November. The successful candidates are:

  • Samantha Collett – author, regional organiser and property investor.
  • Woodrow Phoenix – illustrator, graphic designer, typographer and author.
  • Katharine Quarmby – writer, journalist and editor specialising in social affairs and science.
  • Hugh Roberts – academic non-fiction author and business director involved in urban infrastructure.

You can read the candidates' election statements here.

The other members of the Committee for 2019 are David Donachie, Ferdinand Dennis, Joanne Harris, Mary Hoffman, Carol Lee, Charles Palliser, Celia Rees and Philip Womack.

Elected members of the Management Committee serve for three years, and oversee the strategic direction and governance of the Society of Authors.