SoA calls on next Government to offer 'More than Just Words' to support authors

2 May 2017

We call on the next Government to support Britain’s cultural heart: with funding and legislation, with transparency and ambition - always with more than just words.

Photograph: Ben Terrett / Flickr

As Britain gears up to go to the polls on 8th June, we have published More than Just Words, a set of eight manifesto asks for the next UK Government.

“In ‘More Than Just Words’, we call on the next government to realise
the treasure that the creative arts and industries represent, and to look after them
with a full consciousness of the importance and value of those who work in this field.”

Philip Pullman – President of the Society of Authors

Read our top line asks below or click here to download the full manifesto.

Please read and share with fellow authors and your local parliamentary candidates.

CREATOR: fair contract terms

We ask the next Government to review laws applicable to creator contracts and introduce legislation to address unfair contract terms and ensure fair sharing of reward throughout the value chain.


We ask the next Government to support and promote a stable and clear framework for copyright in the UK and at EU level, balancing user access and reward for creators.

Backing creators and the creative industries

We ask the next Government to support creators and sustain an environment where innovation and creativity can flourish.

Tax & benefits: supporting freelance workers

We ask the next Government to review the laws that impact self-employed workers: ensuring that authors are not penalised by benefits, tax and National Insurance rules, and reducing VAT on ebooks and digital publications to zero.

Access to funding

We ask the next Government to ensure that public funding of the arts recognises the value and addresses the needs of authors, translators and illustrators, and replaces European funding lost through Brexit.


We ask the next Government to renew support for libraries at national level, to ensure a truly comprehensive and efficient public library service, to maintain PLR payments, and to follow through on the commitment to ensure all creators are fairly remunerated for library ebook loans.

Reading and the cultural environment

We ask the next Government to value cultural literacy and reading for pleasure as centrally important to society, and encourage and support creative arts in education and general policy.

Freedom of expression

We ask the next Government to support freedom of expression both here and abroad.