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Love for Libraries

On 6 February, people across the UK expressed their love for libraries. The 2016 National Libraries Day was the biggest celebration yet, with over 850 events taking place and massive...

Lit Fest shout out

Authors on Twitter have been using the hashtag #litfestshoutout to highlight those festivals who treat their speakers well. We too would like to thank the festivals who have taken the time to...

Tax Returns Debate: Further Consultation Needed

On 25 January, following a huge response to a petition, the House of Commons debated plans to introduce quarterly tax ‘updates’ for the self-employed and small businesses.

Festivals Campaign: Update

Literary festivals’ payment of authors has been prominent in the news this month, prompted by Philip Pullman’s resignation as Patron of Oxford Literary Festival. The SoA President...

C.R.E.A.T.O.R. Campaign: Contract Terms Open Letter

Earlier this month we wrote to publishers as part of an international movement calling for action on contract terms. In an open letter we asked publishers to take responsibility for...

Victory for Welsh Writers

We’re delighted that the plans to make cuts of more than 10% to the Welsh Books Council have been scrapped after protests from Welsh- and English-language writers.

International Calls for Action on Contracts

The SoA has today written to publishers to ask them to help improve authors’ earnings by addressing contractual terms.The letter is part of an international collective call to...

Writers Recognised in New Year's Honours

We are delighted that authors Simon Brett and Vivian French and screenwriter Peter Morgan have been recognised in the 2016 New Year's Honours List.