International Presence and Perspectives

16 May 2016

This month our Chief Executive, Nicola Solomon, will be visiting the US to take part in a panel reflecting on the state of book publishing around the world.

The State of the Book Business in the U.S. and Abroad: A Trans-Atlantic View’ is organised by the Authors Guild of America. The panel will be moderated by Mary Rasenberger of the Guild and will feature Nicola alongside Siobhan O’Connor, Associate Director of the Writers’ Union of Canada, and author and journalist Robert Levine. Nicola welcomes the chance to debate ideas and perspectives:

Authors operate in a global market and it is vital that we are aware of the challenges and opportunities this presents. Just as the SoA is stronger for every individual member, working with sister organisations means our international voice is amplified and we can work together and learn from one another to promote the interests of authors everywhere.

Nicola will also be using the trip to meet with sister organisations, lawyers and agents.

In June, Nicola will also be visiting Canada where she will be speaking at the Canadian Writers Summit 2016 and the Book Summit.

Again she will also be meeting sister organisations, lawyers and agents.