Copyright education

Knowledge of copyright, its value and how to exploit and protect it is vital for every citizen - particularly in a digital age when all are creators.

We believe that the Government must do all it can to spread knowledge and understanding of copyright.

Get It Right from a Genuine Site

The SoA welcomes and fully supports Get it Right from a Genuine Site which aims to 'inspire people in the UK to support the things they love by sourcing them from genuine services.'

Get it Right has launched an advert campaign to raise appreciation for the UK creative industries and change attitudes towards piracy and copyright infringement. Their website has links to genuine sites to help consumers get the music, TV, films, games, books, newspapers, magazines and sport they love from genuine services and support UK creativity by doing so.

You can get involved by following Get it Right on Twitter and on Facebook.


We believe that the National Curriculum should, at all Key Stages, in both the English and citizenship modules, instil in pupils an understanding of the value (artistic and commercial) of intellectual property rights.

School pupils need to be educated on the dangers of piracy in an era when copying is so easy. We are therefore concerned that the National Curriculum for 2014 saw the loss of any reference to intellectual property rights. This seems at odds with the stated ambition of the Government that an effective intellectual property regime ‘requires education’ (p10, ‘Government Response to the Hargreaves Review of Intellectual Property and Growth’).