Management Committee Elections

2017 Management Committee elections

The 2017 elections are now open and the deadline for voting is 12 noon on Wednesday 25 October.

All Members (excluding Associates) have been sent a ballot and the candidates' election statements by post.

For UK-based Members these were enclosed with the Autumn edition of The Author, but for those living overseas the ballot paper was sent directly. You can also read the candidates' statements online.

Voting this year can only be done by return post to Electoral Reform Services (ERS). Online voting is not available.

If you're a Member and haven't received your ballot paper please contact us. If you have lost your prepaid envelope you can simply write 'FREEPOST ERS' on a plain envelope and use that instead.

Previous election

Three new candidates were elected in 2016: Joanne Harris, Carol Lee and Celia Rees. Existing Management Committee member Charles Palliser was reelected.

They joined Chair David Donachie, Eric Clark, Peter Groves, Daniel Hahn, Lucinda Hawksley, Alex Klaushofer and Janet Laurence.

Standing down were Nicola Beauman, Nell Leyshon and Andrew Lycett.