Helen Callaghan



"My name is Helen Callaghan and I write fiction whenever I'm left unsupervised. 

My first novel, Dear Amy, is a psychological thriller about Margot, a Cambridge schoolteacher who receives letters from a girl who is supposed to have been murdered twenty years ago. It's available now from Michael Joseph. 

The follow-up, Everything Is Lies, is the story of Sophia, a young architect who returns home one day to find her isolated, eccentric parents appear to have been involved in a murder-suicide. But as she digs into the case to exonerate her mother, she discovers that Nina had a hidden past she was on the brink of exposing to the world. Everything Is Lies was published in 2018.

Night Falls, Still Missing followed in 2020. Fiona travels out to a tiny, isolated island in Orkney to visit her best friend. But when she arrives, Madison is missing. How well did Fiona really know her best friend? And is her own life now in danger?

I also keep a blog, available on this site. The blog is about my writing; including my thoughts on the things I read and see, some digressions on cool little nuggets that come up in the research, and any other stratagem I can employ to waste the world's time. You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter.


I am represented by Judith Murray at Greene and Heaton Ltd."


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