Ms Margot McCuaig

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I’m an author, a TV producer, a multi award-winning filmmaker, a scriptwriter, a Womentoring mentor, a graduate, a mother, a grandmother… in short a person who has her eyes open all the time, living each moment of each day until it’s not physically possible to squeeze any more from it. I capture this magical world and then I write about it, losing myself in unfolding narratives. I live in the bustling (and gorgeous) city of Glasgow and also in a remote self-build home on a beautiful island in Ireland, Rathlin.


My debut novel, The Birds That Never Flew, was shortlisted for the Dundee International Book Prize in 2012 and Longlisted for the Polari First Book Prize in 2014. The novel is written in first and third person narrative voices, mostly Glaswegian. I love using different narrative voices in my writing, caressing readers in POVs that provide valuable insights into the story.


Jock Stein’ film I wrote, directed and produced won a Royal Television Society Award in 2015. 'Jim Baxter' won the same award in 2016, another film I wrote, directed and produced.


I like to explore the differences of similarities in fiction and filmmaking, exploring how we use characters to drive the narrative journey.


I also enjoy working with writers and readers as I think the creative process is shared between writing and reading. I love to explore how readers interpret my work, examining how the narrative drive is realised from a reader perspective. Where do the reader and writer meet in the narrative process?


I am also keen to explore women’s voice in fiction and examine gender difference and perceptions in both reading and writing. I am a member of the Scottish Government select group “Women in Sport” working with the Minister to identify gender bias and make a series of recommendations to implement change at all levels from grassroots to legislative.


I’m extremely interested in language and exploring the ways in which writers use authentic voices in literature. I particularly love writing that is driven by a voice written in the vernacular.




Write reviews, Tutoring and interpreting, Screenwriter, Make personal appearances, Write for magazines/newspapers, Give readings in schools, Journalist and broadcaster, Novelist, Gives workshops
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