Paul Canon Harris

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Versatile, accessible, prolific!

Writer and poet. I perform poetry at festivals and literary venues around the UK and abroad usually solo, sometimes as part of Lines & Squares poets.

Recent publications: Best Before (Creative Media Publishing 2012), Overturning Tables (2016), Jump Leads & Bump Starts (2016), Leading for a Change (2016), Season the Preaching (2017), Young Person's Quick Guide to Leadership (2018) all by Kevin Mayhew Publishing, Called into Question (Kiss of Life Productions 2018).


I write and broadcast regularly for BBC Radio 2 Pause for Thought.

Co-founder and presenter of poetry improvisation show Poetry on the Spot.

Recent poetry commissions have included for BBC Radio and for The People's Convoy to Aleppo.



Give readings in schools, poetry readings, after dinner speaker, facilitate workshops specializing on Poetry and Memory.
Poetry, Humour, Fiction, Radio, Religion, Television,