Fay Sampson


"Author of novels for adults and children. These range through fantasy and historical fiction to modern crime (with links to family history detection and Celtic sacred sites). I have also written  books of prayer and church history. My enthusiasms outside writing are for family history, Celtic Christianity,  and walking in the glorious Devon countryside where I live. And, of course, all this feeds into the novels."


Fees depend on the type of group booking me.

Writing. Critiquing manuscripts for the Writers' Workshop. Talks and readings to adults and children.
Fiction. History, fantasy, crime, family history. Children's Literature. Fantasy., Celtic and Anglo-Saxon History. Prayer, Mental Health. Family history , Folk/Fairy Tales/Mythology, Dark Age and Medieval History, Science Fiction, Crime fiction, Genealogy, Children's Literature, Folk/Fairy Tales/Mythology, Science Fiction, Crime fiction, Genealogy, Church History, Church History, Celtic Churches, Anglo-Saxon. Prayer and advice, Dementia, Depression