Philip Dixon

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" Biography Philip Dixon's formative years were spent around the banks of the River Tyne, in the north of England and later on farms in the area in the 1950s and 1960s. He describes himself as ""first and foremost a dairy farmer"" and has spent much of his working life farming and managing dairies in England and France, and has owned and run a chambre d├óÔéÔäóhote in France. In 2012 he found himself in the difficult position of saying goodbye to his son, who would be spending some time abroad. Knowing that communication would be difficult, Philip decided to write to him weekly, with tales of his early experiences of venturing into the world. Although Philip didn├óÔéÔäót know it at the time, these letters would become his first book, Dairy Cows and Duck Races. Besides farming, Philip has renovated houses, appeared on television and radio, and had series of articles written about him in The Farmers Weekly. Presently he lives in Dorset with his wife, Heather. He has three other children of his own and is stepfather to three more, all of whom are now adults. He is currently writing his second book which is based on his adventures farming in Central France "
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