Rachel Corby


I am a plant whisperer, nature dreamer, medicine woman, biophile. I grow and forage many of the plants I use for food and medicine. I have travelled widely, spending many years training in ways to repair both our degraded physical environment, and our human bodies, and spirits.

I am the author of four books; The Medicine Garden, 20 Amazing Plants and their Practical Uses, Rewild Yourself: Becoming Nature and most recently Rewilding & The Art Of Plant Whispering.

I have contributed to Pip Waller's The Domestic Alchemist and Touched By Nature, and also Deep Green Living edited by Marian McCain. I was a regular columnist for Stroud Life (2012-15) and have also had my writing published in various magazines including Permaculture Magazine, Home Farmer, Caduceus, Barefoot Diaries and Frontier in The Netherlands. 

For the last few years I have been regularly interviewed on BBC radio as Gloucestershire's Medicine Woman appearing each season to talk of the medicine the hedgerows are currently offering. 

I have been leading plant medicine groups, running workshops, retreats and giving 1-2-1 consultations encouraging people to develop their relationships with plants and nature since 2006. I am also a rewilding coach and lead a rewilding apprenticeship each year . My (human) teachers have included Stephen Harrod Buhner, Patrick Whitefield, Nathaniel Hughes, tribal medicine men in the Americas & Africa, Eliot Cowan and metis from both Cherokee & Mohawk decent.

Plants, nature, the wild, infuse every moment of my life.

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