Graham Easton

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I am a GP in West London and a medical journalist and writer. My passions are medicine and communication.

I help train the GPs of the future in my role as Programme Director of GP Specialty Training at Imperial College London, and love teaching about communicating with patients. I also love writing and broadcasting about medicine.

I have worked as a producer and presenter for a range of BBC radio programmes, including Radio 4's flagship medical programme Case Notes, Pick of the Week, Discovery, and the BBC's global health programme Health Check. I spent four years at the British Medical Journal (BMJ) where I edited the medical education section and BMJ Careers.

I have extensive health writing experience, having written regular columns for Eve magazine and the BBC Health website (Surgery Notes), as well as articles for Radio Times,  Tesco Healthy Living magazine, and Empire magazine. I have co-edited two medical textbooks (How to Pass the CSA, and the award-winning General Practice at a Glance) and at the moment I am writing a non-fiction book about general practice for a lay readership to be published by Little Brown in 2016.

Contribute to/write textbooks, Write for magazines/newspapers, Journalist and broadcaster, Give seminars/workshops, Undertake research projects
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