Niel Bushnell


Niel Bushnell Niel is a Writer & Artist based in the North East of England. He began his career working in comics before moving into animation on the feature films Space Jam & Lost in Space, and as an animator & illustrator for several computer games, including Harry Potter and the Philosophers’ Stone.

Having ran an animation studio in the north-east of England for 11 years Niel now mentors university students looking to work in the animation industry, as well as advising and supporting creative & digital businesses in the region.

Throughout his career Niel has loved to write. His first novel, a children’s fantasy adventure called Sorrowline, which won a Northern Promise award at the Northern Writers Awards 2011, was published by Andersen Press in 2013 with its sequel Timesmith following in 2014. Rights to both have also been sold in Germany, Thailand and Brazil. His Literary Agent is Juliet Mushens at Caskie Mushens.

Niel is happy to be interviewed over the phone, radio and TV. He is prepared to be contacted for articles or programmes relating to:

  1.    Children's fiction

  2.    Nurturing creativity in children

  3.    The teaching of creative writing

  4.    The role of creativity in education

  5.    The UK Animation industry

  6.    The UK publishing industry

  7.    Supporting high-street bookshops 

  8.    Reading for Pleasure

  9.    Media reviews/opinions

  10.    Public and school libraries

  11.    Encouraging boys to read

  12.    Reading in a digital age

  13.    Creative and digital industries in the north east of England

Niel speaks at schools, libraires and events at home and abroad. He can be booked via the Society or

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