Berenice Dunbar

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My books are available in Portuguese and English in hard covers and eBooks, distributed all over the world in more than twenty sites.

They are Historic Romances which contains various images relatives  to the stories.

The romances evolved are fiction mixture with reality.

The book Minha Infancia fez Minha Historia is a best seller in Brazil. Published by Edicon-SP – 2001 2a edition.

The Day the Ocean Cried. Translation of the Minha Infancia fez Minha Historia, published in 2012 by AuthorHouse. USA

Mudança de Paradigmas published in2010 by AuthorHouse

Change in Paradigms is a translation of Mudança de Paradigmas published by EbookPartner in 2013 only


The author continues writing articles for magazines and for her facebook.

Fiction, Novels, History - 20th Century, Romance, Fiction, Novels, History - 20th Century, Romance