Kim Eddy

Location: 00 34 922 271 195

A Chartered Linguist, freelance Spanish-English translator, editor/reviser of academic papers for publication, language trainer and educational writer, based in the Canary Islands and Cornwall.

Publications include the following:

"Un tandem anglo-espagnol au secours des scientifiques, Kim Eddy et María del Mar Fernández Núñez", article published in Traduire 233, SFT, December 2015.

The gender gap", article published in the The ITI Bulletin, July-August 2015.

"For services to translation", interview with award-winning translator, Margaret Jull Costa OBE, published in The ITI Bulletin, September-October 2014.

“The right balance”, article published in The Linguist, February-March 2010; 49: 25-26.

“A Polyglot Culture”, article published in The ITI Bulletin, November-December 2008.

Spotlight on the Canary Islands, Teacher’s Guide, published by Oxford University Press, 2007. ISBN 978-2-22-001068-7.

Spotlight on the Canary Islands (A series of four educational booklets), published by Oxford University Press, 2007. ISBN 978-0-19-439917-3; 978-0-19-439918-0; 978-0-19-439919-0 and 978-0-19-439920-3.

Bicicleta de Montaña en Tenerife, published by Penthalon, 1993, Madrid. ISBN 84795505511.

Contribute to/write textbooks, Provide editing/revision services for NNES authors, Tutoring and interpreting, Translation of academic texts