Mr Sanjay C Patel

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SHORT: At age 20, seeking enlightenment, Sanjay left London, UK to live in an ashram (monastery) in the wilderness of  India. He lived in a secluded monastery as a monk. He awoke at 4am. Slept on the bare floor. Showered with cold water. Ate once a day. Fasted without food and water eight times a month. Meditated eight times a day. Ate from a begging bowl. This is just a small glimpse of how Sanjay lived for decades. He lived and breathed ancient yoga. He also studied Sanskrit, World Faiths, Modern Science and his groundbreaking research got published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. He practiced the eight stringent codes of Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga. He lived and breathed yoga. He experienced ‘yogic samadhi.’ This is an almost indescribable condition of spiritual bliss and inner awakening that reveals the spiritual oneness of all people. Sanjay continued to teach yoga postures, breath control, meditation, philosophy, and mysticism to thousands of students for two decades. He was also involved in numerous charitable projects directly helping thousands of needy people and children in rural India. He left the monkhood after two decades to share the experiences and wisdom he learned. He loved life as a monk. Now he’s loving life as a happily married man in the USA. 


He is author of two books:

1. God Is Real: The Stunning New Convergence of Science and Spirituality

2. The Yoga Miracle: How Yoga and Meditation Bring You Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Wellness


MORE: In 2004 Sanjay became the first person to present verifiable evidence (based on ancient yoga texts) that subjective spiritual experiences are objectively real. 


  • This remarkable research concerns non-trivial similarities between ancient yoga beliefs and modern science. It is one of the few spiritual discoveries to be so indisputable that it has been published in mainstream, peer-reviewed, international scientific journals. The paradigm-breaking research concerns deep-sea volcanoes, hydrothermal vents, and identical objects named Vadavanala Agni by ancient yogis. These vents on the deep-sea ocean floor were discovered by scientists in 1977 only after diving to crushing depths of two miles in a specially designed submarine. But yogis described the vents 2000 years ago while meditating. How is that possible? These discoveries were also presented at the 22nd International Congress of History of Science where they were warmly received. (See enclosed copy of paper.)


  • In 2007 Sanjay also became first to present a fully scientifically compatible explanation of Genesis’s 7 Days and Noah’s Flood. His solution is complete, coherent, and in line with mainstream science. Though the debate continues in uninformed circles, the centuries-old controversy begun by Darwin is resolved. 


  • In response to his deeply touching experiences, Sanjay embarked upon a mission to help others connect with their own spirituality and experience its priceless rewards. He has traveled extensively around the world with his message of experiencing peace, harmony, and personal success through yoga. 


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