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LOOKMAN started writing as a press officer for a political party. Many years later he wrote and broadcast three radio plays on BBC local radio in 1990’s. In 2008, Lookman published three young adult novels. He is primarily an international award-winning screenwriter for film and has written and directed children's TVchildren’s TV series. In 2009 he founded Lookman a production company. Currently, he with partners is developing three substantial feature film based on his books.


Currently, he is entering production of a film called:
'Sirena' with producer Philip Morris. It is based on an updated version of his book ‘Children from the Sea’ a romantic, fantasy film exceeds with major stars. It should be released in 2017. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3730160/
Quest for Mihte Lugh’ a feature film based on book ‘Mihte's Quest' (2008), telling the ancient myth of the Fairy King. Release 2017. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3730256/
'Henrietta's Odyssey' a feature film based on 'Henri and the Alien' (2008)
Screenwriting Awards
‘Henrietta’s Odyssey’
Feb 2016 WILDsound Screenwriting Festival, Toronto. 
July 2016 NRFF Screenwriting Festival, London.
'Quest for Mihte Lugh'
Apr 2016 WILDsound Screenwriting Festival, Toronto.
Published Books:
Children from the Sea (2008)
Henri and the Alien (2008)
Mihte's Quest: Kids in the Underworld (2008)

To be published books:

Mihte Lugh's Challenge
Mihte Lugh's Return
Jo Badpenny
Jo Badpenny at School


Journalist and broadcaster, Screenwriter
Folk/Fairy Tales/Mythology, Television, Cinema, Fiction, Film Scripts, Anthroposophy, Folk/Fairy Tales/Mythology, Television, Cinema, Fiction, Film Scripts, Anthroposophy