Marion Dante

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"Being published has given me an identity and confidence and belief in my ability. Because I left the convent after 33 years I felt bereft of friends and contacts and unsure of how to behave and cope with everyday living. Then as a result as having been diagnosed with breast cancer I became disillusioned and fearful that I may not survive very long but through writing and eventually being fortunate enough to be published I discovered that people want to hear about how I cope. This resulted in my giving talks to a multitude of groups on my autobiography. At first I was daunted and aware that my voice was tinny and high pitched but then recalled that I had taught for over 25 years and amused and entertained convent Sisters. I realise that whilst my life is quite ordinary it is different from other folks. Although I could lead a very free and easy life I am quite disciplined and timetabled, have never dated and become embarrassed if anyone tells certain jokes or discusses certain matters."