Jonathan Downs

British author, journalist, historian, has consulted and lectured at universities and historical associations on subject of Napoleonic Egypt and the Rosetta Stone. Supporter of repatriation of antiquities. Currently living in the Western Cape, South Africa.

'The question is not whether European nations had the right to acquire antiquities, but whether today they have the right to retain them.'

Agent: Jon Wood, RCW Literary Agency, London

Articles: History Today, 2006-2012; 

Non-fiction: Sea-Soldier, 2000; Discovery at Rosetta, 2008; Industrial Revolution (2010) Discovery at Rosetta, 2nd Ed., 2020

Fiction: Napoleon's Run, Lords of the Nile, 2020

History, ancient and modern
Napoleonic Egypt; the Rosetta Stone. Background in ancient history 1500 BC to Mediaeval and Early Modern Europe, and 18th Century.