Julia Jarman

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I began by writing novels for 8 to 12 year olds when my children were young, wrote a few for teens and discovered the joys of picture-book writing when I became a grandmother.  I'm active in schools, especially primary, as I have books in print for everyone from Nursery to Year 7.

I created the Time Travelling Cat series to put the story back into history when it became very 'bitty' in schools. I'm delighted that The Time Travelling Cat and the Egyptian Goddess has been in print for over twenty years.  Concerned that writers, including me, distort the past by focusing on the 'excitement' of war, I wrote Peace Weavers, about the excitement of peace-making, to try and redress the balance. I'm a bit sad  that Peace Weavers is out of print but the Time Travelling Cat and the Aztec Sacrifice - full of grue - sells and sells.  Blood and conflict pays!

Writing Ghost Writer changed my writing style.  It's about a dyslexic boy and research into reading showed me that it's not just dyslexics who struggle with long sentences. I've become less wordy.

My most successful picture book is the Big Red Bath currently on stage!

I'll happily talk to anyone - on radio, TV or in newspapers - by phone or face to face if they are interested in my concerns: education, peace-making and of course the joys and importance of reading.

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