Dr Charlotte Cooper

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Radical queer non-fiction and fiction, 1990s – now

I am a queer working class author of three books and an eBook as well as a contributor to many others. I've been publishing work since the early 1990s.

I come from punk and my background is in DIY publishing, the books listed here represent a more mainstream approach.

My books so far encompass influential non-fiction on fat politics and culture; life writing; queer narratives; research and scholarship; recovery; pulp fiction and a banned novel. My work is taught in universities. I won an award.

I hope to write more books about my life, dance and therapy. I love writing that is on the edge.

Psychotherapy, Live Art, alternative publishing
Cultural activism, DIY aesthetics, embodied knowledge, emotions, fat feminism, memoir, performance, queer sensibility, recovery, research justice and the social model of disability.