Wendy Holden


Historian, novelist, biographer, non-fiction author and occasional agent. Also sometimes known as Taylor Holden for fiction (to distinguish her from the chick lit author of the same name), Wendy Holden is an experienced author with more than thirty published books to her credit, many of them international bestsellers. 

Her titles are broad ranging and include wartime memoirs such as the globally successful Born Survivors and Tomorrow to be Brave, alongside biographies of Hollywood royalty such as Goldie Hawn and Barbara Sinatra. She has also written moving stories about dogs such as the number 1 bestseller Haatchi & Little B, and fiction and non-fiction works on the effects of war on the mind.

A journalist for eighteen years, the last ten of which were spent writing for the London Daily Telegraph, she covered news events at home and abroad including the Gulf War, the Iran/Iraq War, conflicts throughout the Middle East, Europe and Northern Ireland.

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