Ms Rebecca De Saintonge


I’m a journalist, broadcaster, biographer, ghostwriter and mentor to memoir writers.  My main areas of interest have been in matters of social justice and broad spirituality. My own memoir was published in 2016 and became an Amazon best seller. It is being published in North America in 2019.

I have just set up what I believe to be a unique Mentoring Course for Memoir Writers on line which specialises in personalised one-to-one contact, the courses being designed specifically to meet the interests and gifts of each individual client.  There are no videos, not group sessions, and no two courses are exactly the same.

Furious at the way vanity presses used to rip off customers with false promises of sales, I set up LifeLInes Press which designs and produces books of memoir and family history for private circulation.  All are individually designed, printed and bound to the highest standards, with the best materials, so that they will still be on the bookshelves in 100 years from now.

I am now engaged in writing historical fiction.


For information and details of my Mentoring Course on LIne

Ghost Writer, Biographer, Creative Writing Coach, publisher for memoir and family texts for private distribution.
Memoir, Biography, historical fiction.