Judith Gunn

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Apparently I worked for Radio One in the Golden Age of R1.
I represented the Society of Authors on the Sony Radio Awards Committee for six years in the 1990s. I worked for Radio 4 and wrote a little drama for both Radio 2 and Radio 3. Moving on I worked for the Radio Times, novelised a screenplay, did a couple of ghost writes and a couple of biographies. My publishers were, Collins, Hodder and Lion. Since then I have self published my own novel The Angelmaker, as Judith Gunn, and a little eBook Gold (under the name of Jude Gunn). I write on film theory and media education for Auteur Publishing who also publish in the US through Columbia University Press. I used to teach, now I write full time. I am continuing my work in education text books and have branched out into short stories. I have just published a biography of Fyodor Dostoyevsky with Amberley Publishing. It is a look Dostoyevsky's life, work and influence on modern media.


Novelist, contribute to/write textbooks, ghostwriter, write for magazines/newspapers, journalist and broadcaster
fiction, film criticism, media, biographies, short stories, science fiction