Patrice Aggs

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Patrice has been working full time as an illustrator, printmaker and writer since 1979. She gave up counting the number of children's books she's contributed to years ago, but it's probably in the hundreds.

She's written fiction for the under-8 age group but of late her experience has been chiefly in children's magazines: Ladybug and Cricket in the US, seven years illustrating The Horrible Histories comic, the short lived DFC and now the Phoenix Magazine. Since 2009 she has been co-chairman of Southeast Authors, a regional branch of Society of Authors. The idea there was to help draw in the ideas and concerns of writers who live too far from London to feel properly engaged.


Patrice is happy to be interviewed by e-mail and over the phone, and can be contacted via the Society or Southeast Authors. She is prepared to be a contact for articles and programmes on magazines and graphic novels, whether aimed at young children or young adults, and the importance of their place in schools and libraries.


Patrice speaks at schools and events at home and abroad. She can be booked via the Society or