Dianne Hofmeyr

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An award winning writer of picture books, short stories and children's novels as well as non-fiction for children.

Dianne Hofmeyr grew up on the southern tip of Africa and taught art and ceramics. She lives in London but her travels through countries as different as Senegal is to Siberia have influenced her writing. From singing whales to star goddesses, a giraffe who sails up the Nile then walks to Paris and a tortoise who is good at remembering... her picture books cross landscapes that keep young children mesmerised.

She has writen numerous picture books and eleven novels for children. Her work has been translated into more than eighteen languages that include Japanese and Korean and her short stories appear in many anthologies.

She is published by Frances Lincoln, Simon & Schuster and Otterbarry Books in the UK and NB publishers in South Africa. One of her novels set during the peace process in South Africa won the prestigious M-Net Award. Her picture bookThe Magic Bojabi Tree, illustrated by Piet Grobler was nominated for a Kate Greenaway and has had a piece of music composed for it, played by the Worcestershire Symphony Orchestra. Her picture book Zeraffa Giraffa, illustrated by Jane Ray was listed as one of the top 100 children's classics by The Sunday Times.

Her forthcoming picture books are: My Daddy is a Silly Monkey illustrated by Carol Thompson, The Glassmaker's Daughter illustrated by Jane Ray and Tiger Walk illustrated by Jesse Hodgson.

She has a broad experience of working creatively with both children and adults and is actively involved in storytelling sessions. 


I can be contacted through the SOA. 

Gives creative workshops. Give talks and readings in schools. Gives talks to teachers and to student teachers of how picture books can be used creatively and cross curriculum in the classroom.