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After many years as a passive member of the Society - too many of us are - I put up for election as an independent MC candidate in 2015. Subsequently I put myself forward and was elected as Chair. We live in difficult times and they are not going to get any better so I believe we need a highly proactive Management Committee and I am convinced that those who voted for me feel the same.

Edinburgh born, I am the author of 49 published novels in 27 years inc. a trio ghosted SAS books.
My work is historical, under my own name as well as those of Tom Connery and Jack Ludlow and I have just gone digital  with two thrillers as Jack Cole. If it comes to qualifications to be a published writer I have none. I left school at 14 without a single certificate, struggle to identify a noun from a verb and have managed to upset a number of highly regarded publishers, as well as agents, by refusing to be slavishly grateful for their crumbs of attention.
I now do my own contracts and am happily with a publisher who treats me as human being and an adult - she can take a joke too. I hope to get to various events around the country and meet Society members. If you encounter me and have something you wish to talk about that is why I am there. 
I promise you I will be active, so, as a member, should you need yo make contact email


David Donachie 




As Chair of the Management Committee I'm bent on increasing the membership of the society. It's great we have over 10,000 members, but how many does that leave who have no idea that they NEED our services. It's the only defence against an increasingly hostile publishing landscape, where those who create the content sit at the bottom of the food chain. 

I personally have suffered from egregious behaviour by both publishers and agents, so I know iof what I speak, One MD of a major house tried to cheat me out of £15K in 2000. My then agent insisted I had no choice but to accept! (So much for representation) Both backed down when they found I was a member olf the SoA.

It's your Trade Union. You insure your house and your car. Only a dunce would fail to insure their profession. And it's even tax deductible. If your not a member join. If you are and know a writer who's not, get them signed up for their own sake

Along with our wonderful staff I'm sorking to make the Awards Ceremony a truly nationl event. That will get our name out to the public and everyone who employs words to make a living.


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