Mary Dickinson


I am preparing to relaunch a series of children's picture books that went out of print in the 1990s. I was the author and Charlotte Firmin the illustrator. I have been working for Beanstalk in a primary school and have had access to many new children's picture books. Although many are excellent I still see a gap for stories featuring real children.

In the meantime I have self published a biography and now want to  re-issue Alex and Roy, one of my most successful series. Hopefully we will self publishing new titles in the future.

Since the 1970s Charlotte Firmin and I have worked continuously in schools helping young writers create their own stories. Yes, we're getting old but we've loads of experience. 

For examples of limited edition books I have made and pictures of my work please visit my website

 I am happy to visit primary schools anywhere in the uk. I am now only working half days, 2 hours contact time. This can be divided into a maximum of three sessions. Up to 60 children for just storytelling, 30 for workshops. Visits are tailored to meet a schools requirements. Fees vary.






Children's writing and book making. I give talks, workshops and tell stories in libraries and schools,
YOU can make a story book.