E. Davies


I'm a contemporary romance author focusing on gay (MM) romance. I have self-published 40+ novels and have been writing full-time since 2013. My particular areas of interest include trans fiction and representation, as well as other diversity under the LGBTQ+ umbrella.

I have spoken publicly about trans life and transgender rights, co-presented a keynote speech at LGBT literature convention EuroPrideCon 2017, given readings to reader groups, and taught author groups about self-publishing business strategies, marketing, tropes, and how to read the market.

I'm happy to be interviewed about a variety of topics: anything relating to LGBTQ matters and queer culture, trans fiction and life, romance from a trans, queer, nonbinary man's perspective, self-publishing and author career strategies, and more. I live in London, UK.

Email is generally the best method of communication. 

Author, public speaker
Gay romance, MM romance, transgender romance, LGBT romance, trans fiction