Mr Trevor Barton

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Contemporary fiction, Science fiction.

Making Contact (Contemporary/Sci-Fi) is out with Hawkwood Books, September 2021.

As well as contemporary fiction and SF, I have a strong interest, and some expertise, in meditation. I will happily write in these areas for other outlets.

  • BA (Hons) in Modern English Literature with Creative Writing (Bath),
  • MA in Cultural Studies (Southampton), where my written thesis was on the myth of cyborgs.
  • Nine years experience working in the publishing industry: Nature, OUP and elsewhere.
  • Nine years of experience working in the charity sector up to management level
  • Subsequent built knowledge founding and leading successful community groups for better mental health through meditating. (Two Buddhist ordinations.)


Keywords: speculative, sociology, anthropology, accessible, hijinx, ideas, character led, working class, gay, lgbt, mental health, high concept, futurology, human journey, meditation, mindfulness, zen, buddhism

Fiction, Science Fiction, Space Opera, Self Help, Meditation, Zen, Mental Health for Gay Men